Why Books Are Amazing!

Are you that type of person who hates books? You can’t stand to even look at a page and read for at least five minutes? Why? All my life I’ve just loved reading. When I read, I forget where I am instantly. It feels so real, I can imagine it inside my head, like watching a movie. Books can make anything possible. I can always get lost into another world, and it feels magical. But the question is, why are books hated by so much people?

My theory (which may be wrong, but anyway) is that people don’t bother to actually put the effort into reading a book and sitting in a corner for a while. They don’t want to read because they just don’t feel like it. Generally, people who have more interest in English naturally like reading and have a good imagination, but whether you like English or not, try reading a book! If you’ve read a book before and you weren’t able to finish it or didn’t enjoy it that was probably because you haven’t found a book that suits your style. What is your style of books? Action? Comedy? Romance? I’m at the moment obsessed with The Hunger Games. I’ve read the The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and now I’m on Mockingjay.

I’m quite interested in Cathy Cassidy’s books too. They are so good as well. I simply love reading because I can escape from the real world, fantasize about something that probably won’t happen in real life. Would Hogwarts exist in real life? Would there be a reaping every year for The Hunger Games? Books do make the most impossible of things possible. I always enjoy getting a book for Christmas or my birthday, only if it is a good book worth reading.

I must admit, sometimes I have to give up on a book. Sometimes the book just isn’t my reading style and I can’t carry on, which is normal for a lot of people. I know a lot of people think its geeky and weird to like this sort of stuff, but if you put the effort, I guarantee you will find an amazing book!


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